Kukosa ngata to loans: Struggles Kenyan middle class go through – List


It’s not a secret that most middle Kenyans are struggling. A majority of them live a life trying to keep up with others even when it’s evident they cannot.

Below are some of the struggles they go through.

  1. Living in apartments that are almost empty

Most people care more about living in houses they are struggling to pay rent for just to be termed as ‘classy’.

They would rather live in an almost empty two bed-roomed house than live in a bedsitter.

2. Buying cars they can hardly fuel

Have you ever asked yourself why most people live their cars at home from the 15th of every month?

Let no one lie to you that they are avoiding traffic, they just can’t afford the rising fuel costs.

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3. Ordering food online

While the rich rarely order out, the Kenyan middle class think they have made it in life for constantly ordering online.

Apps like Uber Eats, Glovo has come in handy for such Kenyans.

4. Buy expensive drinks

Most rich people enjoy simple lifestyles. Most middle-class Kenyans, however, love flaunting expensive drinks.

By doing so they feel like they have made it in life. Poor them.

If they only knew how true the adage ‘Filisika ujue marafiki zako ni nani’. They would be wiser and know that their newfound pals and fame vanish the moment money dwindles.

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5. Picking up passengers on the road to help get some extra cash

We have all seen such people.

They will always stop and pick up people randomly at stages and charge them a price lower than what they would have paid if they used a matatu.

6. Constant borrowing

Such people are constantly borrowing from friends and relatives to help keep up with their fake lifestyles.

Once you lend them the cash they disappear only to come back when another problem hits.

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