Kush Tracey talks about stigma after testing positive for COVID19

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In August 2020 TV presenter Kush Tracey joined the list of celebrities who contracted the coronavirus and later on tested negative from it.

Kush Tracey on her YouTube channel has opened up on the negativity she received for speaking about her infection with some accusing her of doing it for clout.

Kush Tracey has been open about a lot of issues and as much as she would have liked to keep her health matters in private.

But the information was bound to leak out with her fans asking about her whereabouts.

The ‘Ndulu’ hitmaker who also doubles as a presenter for Switch TV opened  up about testing positive for the infectious coronavirus.

Kush Tracey says in her YouTube channel that the news of her contracting the virus did not come as a surprise to her.

The presenter had earlier on interacted with some of the camera personnel and two producers whom they were informed had tested positive for the virus.

It was at this point that she had fears of herself being infected due to the interaction.

As they got tested she had no symptoms whatsoever but just a mere migraine and feeling a bit tired which she put down as being just out of the weather.

When they got tested Kush Tracey revealed that she had her fears of testing positive for the virus but remained unbothered on the results since whatever the results would come out she would accept it.

She later on received a call from the health department which she ignored thinking it was the usual calls she gets from people they share the same Whatsapp group with.

Later on she decided to call back and was informed that she had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The news came in at a time when she was on her leave and was isolated at her home.

When it was time to report back to work she did another test and unfortunately still came out positive.

At this point she had not shared the news with her fans but felt it was necessary as her fans would ask about her whereabouts when she missed coming to shows.

In a long post on instagram Kush shared the news with her fans warning them of the virus with some encouraging her and frequently checking up on her.

She however speaks about the negativity surrounding the announcement with some of her fans claiming she is among the many celebrities pretending to have the virus for clout.

Kush Tracey thinks that the response was out of ignorance as people are ignorant on staying up to date with the information shared on news.

People had gang up to doubt her health as the news came after Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange had also shared news of him testing positive for the coronavirus and being an asymptomatic patient.

For people out there, Kush was just one of the big names who also shared news of them contracting the virus in order to attract the attention of the audience with some doubting if the virus is really present.

Kush has gone ahead to caution those doubting the existence of the virus claiming that people should be more serious and keen on the news presented about the global pandemic.

Kush Tracey has revealed that for her she had symptoms such as bad headaches, diarrhoea, feeling tired and fever.

She later on took the third test in which she confessed to praying hard for her own recovery.

Before taking the third test she had been feeling much better and in great shape and wanted to just go back to her normal life.

Luckily for her the third test came out clean by testing negative for the virus allowing her back on the screen till date.

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