Ladies Kujeni hapa: How to know if your man is smashing your best friend

We have in the past heard of men who have slept with the best friends of the women they are dating. Is it greed or just pure lust?

For some, it’s greed and for some, it’s just fate. Ladies here is how to know your man is smashing your best friend.

1. When they are constantly spending more time together without you

The first red flag is when your bae is constantly spending time with your best friend. It may be indoors or outdoors during road trips.

If he never has time for you and always has time for her, run my sister run.

2. When he always tells her about problems you are going through in your relationship

Every couple goes through problems, but if every time your man has to tell his best friends who also happens to be your girlfriend about your problems, run.

Some ladies take advantage of such situations to steal your man away from you.

3. When he has to always ask for advice

You may be planning a trip, or even planning on buying something eg a car. If your man is constantly asking your female best friend for advise, jikate sis.

It shows that her approval is treasured more than yours.

4. When every time you go out she has to be there

Imagine having your girlfriend and your man always chilling out together every time you go out.

It’s like keeping a lion and goats in the same shed, at some point the lion will want to feed on the goat.

Plus your man might be tempted to test the waters with your girlfriend.

5. If they constantly refer to each other by pet names

If they have pet names for each other and even have secret jokes, sis just know ushatupwa nje.

We have seen men dump their women only to get married to their best friend, ogopa wanaume.

Have you ever caught your man cheating on you with your female best friend?

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