Lala salama! Things you didn’t know about businessman Kevin Omwenga

Kevin Omwenga

Businessman Kevin Omwenga’s family is still in shock following his sudden and brutal death.

Omwenga was shot in the chest on Friday at his Galana Suites apartment and two suspects; controversial businessman Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Ouko were arrested and will be arraigned in court on Monday.

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Below are things you didn’t know about Kevin
1. Car dealer

He used to run Lystra Motors in Nairobi’s Lavington area.

Kevin Omwenga

2. An automotive enthusiast

He loved fast cars and a few weeks before he was killed, he had bought himself a white Porsche Panamera which might have cost him more than Kshs10 million.

3. Lived a flashy but private life. He has all the money but wasn’t loud on social media as his big boys’ counterparts.
4. Brother to politician
His brother Wycliffe Omwenga is a politician who’ll be vying for an MCA seat in the next general elections.
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