Leave Chimano alone! It is a free world

‘A free world’ probably has multiple meanings but here I am talking about our sexuality.

Everybody is free to be straight, gay, lesbian or bi as long as they are happy thus we should not be making fun of their sexual orientation.

For the longest time the world has been used to the traditional man and woman relationship but times have changed and people discovered they can be something else.

In the African setting if you are dating a person who is not of the opposite sex then you are deemed a curse.


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The African culture is still very rigid and it has not been able to fully accommodate the different sexual orientations that its people have.

After Bien of Sauti Sol posted a picture that sent people flying to the comment section; all the members of the boy band posed for a picture, everybody with their significant other.

Chimano was standing with a mzungu guy and people were making fun of him, some even went ahead and quoted the famous song ‘kila mtu na dame yake’.

Not everybody was there to ridicule though, some were genuinely happy for them and even complimented their dress code.

Personally, I saw nothing wrong with the picture and those who were trying to ‘’correct’’ the picture are sick in their minds.

Where do you find the guts to judge somebody because of expressing their sexuality? In Kenya right now it’s hard when you are not straight so you can imagine how hard Chimano must have thought hard before letting that picture go online.

He knew people were gonna judge him but he still posted it, now that’s what I call standing by what you are about.

I long for a time when we will respect and understand each other’s sexualities, a time where you can comfortably talk about them without getting ridiculed.

Probably those who were hating are even gay or lesbians; instead of spreading positive vibes they are out here pretending how weird gaysim and lesbianism is.

There is a lot of oppression going on around the world right now and so we should be protecting things that are personal to us.


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There is nothing worse than being oppressed to the point where you can’t even openly express your opinions to things which matter to you.

The LGBT community has never been fully accepted in Kenya, people still cringe when you start talking about it. A young group of actors came together in 2018 and shot a film called ‘Rafiki’.

It majored on the issues affecting young people in society like sex, drugs, and night life. The film was later banned from airing in Kenya just because it had lesbian and gay couples.

Rafiki was later screened at the Cannes Festival which goes to show you that the film was pure flames.

Some Kenyans with a rigid minded mentality condemned the film and this hate prevented them from seeing and appreciating the talent that was in that film.

I am calling it hate, because they openly rejected the film and said that it will ‘spoil’ their children. Some of the parents that were claiming that this film will destroy their children’s morals were already dealing with alcoholic kids.

No offence here but hating on something just because it does not appeal to your sexual orientation is shallow. If they had set their arguments based on facts then it would be a different story.

Chimano is a very talented musician and most of us love his verses in Sauti Sol’s songs. Therefore we should be judging him based on his music and not his love life.

The hate I saw has shown me that Kenyan fans are the most unpredictable, they will love you today and hate you with passion tomorrow.

Chimano is part of a band that has put us on the world musical map on a lot of occasions. It’s really unfair when people judge you because of what you love, not fair at all.

Those who were laughing at Chimano, how will you feel when your children are made fun of like this?

We need to create an environment where everybody can be comfortable with being themselves.

You should never be the one spreading negativity and killing joy every chance you get. Be happy for others even when you don’t agree with their life choices.

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