Leave it in 2020! 10 things in your house you should probably stop holding on to

Sometimes we just want to keep items from  10 years ago, yet we still want to create space for the new stuff. You know you’ll definitely not use the stuff you try so hard to hold on to.

Here are some things to let go of.

1. Your old cell phones.

2. Full tubes of old, old lotion.

3. Baby clothes you wore 35 years ago that your mother saved for you. (Thanks, Mom, but they’ve got to go.)

4. Expensive jeans you haven’t fit into since 2011.

5. Costume jewellery you like so little that you’d let your toddler play dress-up with it if it weren’t a choking hazard.

6. Cookbooks you haven’t cracked since you were inspired to go vegan six years ago.

7. Takeout menus from restaurants whose dishes you know by heart by now. (And, you know, they’re online.)

8. Clothes from 15 years ago, because you know if you hang onto them long enough they’ll come back in style again.

9. The boots that sit on the top shelf in your closet because you loved them so much when you got them in school… like 20 years ago.

10. Chipped mugs that are “otherwise perfectly fine.”. Holiday decorations that make you groan every single winter when you see them in the bin.

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