Lessons Jowie should learn after ‘friends’ abandoned him

In a recent interview, Monicah Kimani’s murder suspect Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has narrated how all his ‘friends’ abandoned him when he was in prison.

He was remanded in connection with the murder for 500 days.

Below are some lessons Jowie should learn

  1. Always invest in yourself

Love and pamper yourself while you can because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

He now knows who his true friends are so instead of living a parte after parte kind of life let him develop himself as he can never recover the 500 days he lost.

2. Invest in family

Jowie’s family stood by him despite everything he was going through. What he should learn is that he is lucky to have such a family.

Not all families support you when you hit rock bottom, so the next time he wants to take them for granted he should think twice.

3. No one owes him anything

Jowie might feel like his friends failed him but no one owes him anything.

You chose to live certain lifestyles so deal with the consequences when everything hits the fan.

Binadamu ni wale wale, even your own family can dessert you, don’t be too shocked.

4. Boys Club is overrated

Learn to choose whom you hang out with, chose people who help you grow and not people who help you fail.

Cause when you win everyone wants to be associated with you but when you lose you will be ALONE.

5. Jela sio vacation

He has experienced the harsh prison life first hand so he should aim at living a better life than he did before all this drama began.

At the end of the day people will always talk, but as long as it does not pay your bills just let it pass.

This advice does not only apply to Jowie it applies to everybody. The only true friend is God.

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