Levels! Khanyi Mbau Collaborates With Beats By Dre

Levels! Khanyi Mbau Collaborates With Beats By Dre. In this industry, being able to diversify will take you a long way. Celebrities like Khanyi Mbau, have been able to spread their wings, and secure the bag in various ways.

Among other things, Khanyi is a well respected media personality, an award winning actress, a singer, a successful businesswoman to mention only a few. She keeps on securing the bag one way or the other, making her one of the most consistent personalities in SA. Even during the drastic lockdown, Khanyi has been making major moves.

Khanyi has just announced her latest collaboration, and we are here for it. She has partnered with Beats By Dre.

“Guess who has colab with @beatsbydre,”she said.

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