Life changing effects of divorce on individuals, no one tells you about

No one ever goes into marriage/relationship with divorce in mind, but life is unpredictable and at times things get out of our control.

Many always assume that divorce is easy but it is not and if not well handled some people never recover.

 Below are some of the repercussions of divorce on couples that no one will tell you.
  1. Low self-esteem

Couples who have divorced at some point in life suffer from low self-esteem.

This especially happens if the causes for divorce was emotional, physical or any other form of abuse.

It makes them wonder if what their partner said about them is true, only the strong and determined ones recover.

2. Self-blame

Divorced partners may suffer from self-blame.
Always asking themselves on if there is something they could have done to save the marriage.


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3. Lack of trust

People who have been divorced suffer mistrust either knowingly or unknowingly.

This is because they never know if whoever is coming into their life will stay or not.

They also may not trust themselves enough to be in another relationship.

4. Likely not to get into relationships

Spouses who have been in divorces especially messy ones might later in life have a hard time getting into relationships.

They might even stay in abusive relationships just because they do not want to end up divorced like their parents.

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5. Stigma

A person who has been through a divorce always forces stigma, ridicule among other things.

It’s not a miracle to find some of these reactions coming from close friends and families.

So before you ridicule someone for being divorced ask them what made them get a divorce in the first place.

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