Like Jalango: Here are tips on how to peacefully co-parent

Jalango and Boyo

Co-parenting is a trend that is here to stay, the big question is what is the best way to approach this to ensure the kids don’t suffer.

Below are some tips.

  1. Don’t use kids as collateral damage

It might look like a good idea to use your kid as a pawn to get back at your partner but believe you me, it’s not worth it.

2. Don’t belittle your ex-partner in front of the kids

Kids are innocent and trying to make them pick sides is a very bad idea.

Instead of throwing words at each other while they are present, how about going to a room and speaking about the issue?

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3. Creating a schedule/routine

Kids adapt easily to a routine, one way to fully reap the fruits of co-parenting is to create a pattern the kids can relate to.

Take for example, if they are to spend the weekend with their dad prepare them mentally for it by telling them in advance.

That way they won’t be disappointed when he shows up and they are doing something else.

4. Never make the kids feel like it’s their fault things never worked out

When things don’t work out between a couple, some people are quick to blame the kids.

That should never be the case as they were never there when you as parents decided to get between the sheets.

No matter what happens, never show them it’s their fault.

5. Never force things

If one parent does not want to spend time with the kids, do not force things.

The world we are currently living in has too much evil going on, you never know your partner might decide to do.

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