Like Pastor Nganga, here is why most Kenyan men only meet their kids in their adulthood

Pastor Ng'ang'a

It recently emerged that Pastor Nganga of Neno Evangelist and his grown-up daughter only met for the first time in 2007.

This is a daughter whom he had sired in his youth while he was at the time working as a herdsman in Nyandarua County.

Although it is not yet clear why the two had never met before then, what is clear is that like Pastor Nganga, most Kenyan men have only met their biological children in their adulthood.

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Below are some of the reasons why such things happen.

Lack of knowledge the kid exists

In some instances, the mother of the kid decides to hide their pregnancy and opt to raise a child alone.

This mostly happens in instances where a woman sees no future with that man.

In other scenarios, a woman might decide to hide her status if she was only interested in siring a child with the man in question.

Dead beat dads

Some men only get to meet their kids in their adulthood because they ran away from the responsibilities of raising them.

This may be by relocating, blocking their partners, or even denying responsibility for the pregnancy.

Separation/divorce among the parents

We have seen men who leave their wives while they are still nursing young babies who might be days or months old.

As a way of getting back at their partners for dumping them some women ‘hide’ their kids and deny their estranged partners access.

Like any human being, some men give up trying to access their kids and decide to move in with their lives.

It’s only later when the kids decide to look for their fathers that they get to meet.

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Conflict among families

When there is conflict among families kids end up paying for it.

If one family does not get along with their in-laws they might decide to keep the kids away as a way of retaliation.

It’s only later in life that such kids can meet their ‘missing’ parents. Sadly for some, they never get to.

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