List of gengetone groups making big moves in 2020

When gengetone was introduced back in 2018 fans were are a bit skeptical about the new vibe with some raising concerns about the content and visuals of the songs. Another debating argument arose on the mediocrity of Kenyan fans who consume western content who display sexual content and messages with artists such as Cardi B, Nicky Minaj, Migos and the list goes on and on. One thing we love about the new vibe is that it has enabled us to have our own sound, we now consume more music from our own country than before. In 2020 gengetone artists have come to shut the claims that the new sound is short-lived and fading slowly with even new groups emerging. Here are some of the gengetone groups that have spiced 2020:

1. Mbogi Genje- Gengetone group Mbogi Genje is making major moves and we love them. The group rose to fame thanks to their unique sheng’ which honestly not many could comprehend. The group that consists of Militan, Smady Tingz and Guzman became the talk of the town after a video of Militan’s verse on their song Kidungi went viral with Kenyans trying to find out which type of sheng’ that was. In 2020 the group is working tooth and nail to give fans what they crave for, good music with their usual blend of sheng’. Mbogi Genje which hails from Umoja or as they would call it ‘Umojeng’ has gifted fans with hit songs such as Wamocho and was part of the collaboration in Zimepanda in which fellow gengetone group Wakali Wao and VDJ jones were part of.

Mike Sonko with Mbogi Genje

2. Boondocks gang- It’s not just in 2020 but every single year Boondocks gang have been magical on their releases. The group made up of Odi wa Murang’a, Exray and Madoox who first joined the music industry as gospel artists then shifted to the secular world where they blew up were quick to release a song called Covid19 at a time when the pandemic was new in the country, they also did Hainishtui featuring genge sensation Kansol and Sidonyo which garnered 1.4 million views on YouTube. Odi wa Murang’a later charmed his fans with his verse in the Wanani remix.

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3. Sailors Gang- Known for their screaming signatures style in the introduction of their music there is no gengetone without Sailors after all the group made it to the global scene with their hit song Wamlambez. Interestingly the group was formed in 2017 as a trio consisting of Miracle baby, Lexxi Yung and the ever hyped Qoqos Juma then later on expanded with the inclusion of Masilver and Shalkido. Their success in the industry has brought them to greater heights with big names such as Octopizzo joining forces in a hit song. In 2020 Sailors gave fans a surprise collabo by teaming up with fast rising star songbird Nadia Mukami to blend afro pop and gengetone in ‘Ni Tekenya’ and it worked perfectly. The group has also done Kulewa kuchuchuma to hype the year.

Sailors gang

4. Ochunglo family- Known for their controversial lyrics Ochunglo family is here to stay. Their music is a banger and how can we survive in the club without a touch of the group’s music? The group is made up of Benzema, he likes to refer to himself as fisi but we won’t get into that right now, there is Nelly the goon and Dmore. Ochunglo family came into the limelight with their song ‘Kaa na mama yako’ which was rooted from west pokot governor John Lonyang’apuo’s hilarious speeches. This year the group has done a number of songs such as Pendemik which was release immediately after the spread of the coronavirus in the country, Wanjiku, Mpenzi mtazamaji featuring genge group Kansol and of course you have probably heard the catchy chorus ‘Si urembo ni makeup’ in their hit song ‘makeup’.


5. Wakali Wao- We all came to know Wakali Wao in their collaboration with Boondocks gang in Madam. The group has been doing tremendously ever since with many feeling that it is underrated in the industry. However, Wakali Wao apart from working with Mbogi Genje this year have done some of their own projects such as Mboka ni Mboka and Te amor

6. Ethic- They can be branded the founding fathers of the new vibe after all it was through the group Ethic that gengetone was first established. At the time the vibe was fresh and their song ‘Lamba lolo’ introduced them into the music scene. Ethic consists of Rekles, Swat Mtoto wa Eunice, Seska and Zilla. Ethic trended this year after news came in one of their key members Rekles had decided to go solo. They have however worked on projects such as Daktari which was massively received by fans garnering 3 million views on YouTube with ‘Staga nikimedi’ coming in with 2 million views.


7. Gotta city- Meet the new kids in the block, what a way to end the year with a new vibe from another gengetone group and we love to see new young artists popping. Gotta City is a gengetone group consisting of Madocho, Stupid Boy, Pingo and Liyetin who are up to challenge Mbogi Genje with their heavy sheng’ and new style. The group hailing from different parts of Eastlands have done two projects Ngumi ni Jamo and Monchoka. Monchoka has been trending as it is a diss track on Mbogi genje whom they are not on good terms with. The once close friends turned enemies after raising claims that Mbogi Genje underrated them and the situation worsened with Gotta city accusing Smady Tingz of Mbogi Genje of stealing Stupid Boy’s lyrics in which he used on the song they collaborated with genge star Mejja ’Wamocho’. The gengetone group has urged fans to support their ngumi ni jamo movement and ditch ngumi mbwegze which belongs to Mbogi Genje. With all the drama surrounding the two groups one thing is for sure Gotta City are here to give Mbogi Genje a good run with their dope music and amazing flow in their songs.

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