Listen up! Here are the top 10 biggest songs in 2020

Want to know what songs have taken over this year? Here are the top 10 biggest songs in 2020.

If there’s a year that was far from human’s prediction it has got to be 2020. A lot has happened that you may tend to think it’s been two years within a year.

With the corona pandemic worsening the situation it has been a difficult year. The music industry has been one of the key sectors affected with events and concerts being shut down, musicians in the better part of the year have had to adjust and cope with the measures put in place such as online performance before things resumed to a bit of normalcy.

With all the drama and events that have taken place, artistes have not failed to bring us to life with some good music with unexpected collaborations. Check out some of the biggest collabos this year:

Utawezana– ‘Ukipewa utawezana?’ Let’s face it, the list would be dull without the inclusion of one of the biggest songs we have heard this year. Utawezana is a banger that saw Kaka empire’s Femi one and Mejja aka Okwonko teaming up to give life to this great jam. Utawezana was such a massive hit that cut across borders even with clubs being shut down at the time owing to COVID19. The song received a major boost from tiktok queen Azziad Nasenya who did the utawezana challenge and guys loved it so much so that the 19 year old rose to fame thanks to it.

Kalale– Nobody saw this coming. Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu surprised fans with his first song Kalale, a nice gengetone vibe that saw Reckless,Mejja, Breeder LW and rapper Ssaru coming together to create the mash up. Kalale is such a hit that it has so far garnered 4.1 million views.

Wanani remix– Bahati started the year of with some great music, the biggest of his songs this year being Wanani. The artiste later on decided to do a remix to the song by including fellow artistes such Mejia, Petra, Ssaru, Odi wa Muranga and Ochunglo family’s Benzema. The song has so far done so well to garner a massive 4.2 m views.

Hao– As usual it’s difficult to pick a song done by Khaligraph jones that isn’t worth while but Hao is on a class of it’s own. The song in which the rapper teamed up with Masauti became such a hit especially because of the content of the song. Hao talks about the struggles that celebrities go through on social media such as being trolled and fans loved it.

Ni tekenye- This was another unexpected collaboration. Kenya’s sweetheart Nadia Mukami featured Wamlambez hit makers Sailors to gift the country with good music early this January.

Lewa- ‘lewa…pewa’, the catchy lyrics of this gengetone song brings some sort of thrill to listeners. Fans can swear that any collabo that is involved is an automatic hit and this was the scenario. Parroty, Kabagazi and OneBoy featured Genge star Mejja in Lewa and the song became a hit receiving heavy airplay on radio and TV. The song which is barely a month old has so far garnered 1.4 m views on YouTube.

Wangu– There is nothing worthwhile and beautiful like two very talented female artistes joining forces to bring life to a song. Nadia Mukami has been gifting fans with great music this year and what a great way to ease things up in 2020 right? Wangu features Sanaipei Tande to give life to one of the biggest song this year which has been positively received by fans.

Kamati ya roho chafu- This list is incomplete without the mention of the name Willy Paul. Fans were left tongue tied when the talented singer in cooperated Sauti Sol’s Bien in one of his songs and the results were tremendous.

Aiyana- Utamu nayo!! Some say magic is not real but magic exists when two killer vocalists work together. Magic is what the music industry received when two coast based artistes Otile brown and Sanaipei Tande did their second song together by the name Aiyana. Everything about Aiyana was satisfying from the vocals to the video to the lyrics.

Mastingo- Last but not least all hail CS Mutahi Kagwe’s talented son Kahush for working with the gifted gengetone sensation Chris Kaiga in Mastingo which has had heavy rotation around the country. Mastingo is just that song one would listen to when in a bad mood and just smile.

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