Lone rangers to gossip mongers: Types of people you meet in campus


Joining campus comes with its own challenges contrary to what young people think. Most people assume it’s all fun and games while for others it’s hell.

Below are some of the friends you are likely to meet in campus.

1. The Book Worm

This is the kind of friend no one wants to keep. She is considered boring due to the fact that she is always on her books.

She finds even the most weird spots just so that she doesn’t interact with other people. If you are looking forward to having a vibrant campus life then this is not the type of friend to keep.


2. The Shopaholic

Shop till you drop is the mantra this kind of friend lives by. A friend like this would rather miss classes than miss a trip to the nearest mall.

She always keeps tabs on which malls are offering low discounts on their products and  the irony of it all is that everyone in campus wants to be her friend.

Shopping applies for campuses such as USIU, hizi campus zingine ni window shoppers.

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3. The Fashionista

Fashion si ya kila mtu, for most who lack a strong sense of fashion this is the kind of friend to go to. She is always in fashionable clothing and never forgets to do her hair.

She does not know what it means to have a bad hair day. Her make up is always in place and she is the envy of many.

4. The Party Animal

What would campus life be without parties? Boring.

At least every one in campus has such kind of a friend.

She  is always in the know when it comes to partying matters, she never misses any party and is always ready to go for another regardless of whether she’s nursing a hangover or not.

5. The Lone Ranger

This is the kind of friend who doesn’t know anyone in campus. H/she always reject offers to go out with buddies and would rather just sleep or grab a movie. Such a friend is very boring to hang around with. If they have to go to a party/function you literally have to drag her and be sure that they will be very bored.

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6. The Funny Guy

Who wouldn’t want a friend that makes them laugh? Campus comes with its own pressures and a good laugh is all we need sometimes.

The funny guy brings energy wherever he goes and he is a favourite  to many. Due to his cheeky nature he has a tendency of getting himself out of trouble.


7. Best Friend Forever (BFF)

This is the kind of friend you love to hate.

They always have your back no matter what happens. Without BFF’s there would be no one to tell your dirty little secretes thus this kind of friend comes in handy.

Such friendships mostly extend beyond campus thus should be nurtured.


8. The Gossiper

This kind of friend is more like human newspaper, they always know what is happening before any one else knows.

Always sitting in groups. You would think that they are the sharpest kids on the block but duh, they may be good in gossiping but get nothing when it comes to book matters.

If you want to make something meaningful out of your life stay away from such friends. Udaku itawaua

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