Lupi Ngcayisa Clocks Over 100 Days Without Alcohol

Lupi Ngcayisa Clocks Over 100 Days Without Alcohol. Although lockdown hasn’t been such a great experience, there are some who salvaged the good out of it. Many people brainstormed about cool business ideas, introspected on life, learned new skills, and some went as far as quitting bad habits.

Well known personality Lupi Ngcayisa is one of the people who used the lockdown period to do away with some habits. Lupi has just announced to his fans and followers on social media that he hasn’t touched alcohol for 120 days, and sugar for 98 days.

Quitting the two cannot be easy, but we are happy and proud for Lupi on this milestone. His face looks radiant, and he looks quite healthy. If this isn’t encouragement enough, we don’t know what is!

Today marks the 120th day with no alcohol and day 98 without sugar. Sugar is still the most persistent devil. If it wasn’t for being broke and the stress that comes with it.I’d proudly profess to be the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my entire adult life,” Lupi said.

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