M-Net Responds To The Lack Of Diversity Bash On Love Island SA

M-Net Responds To The Lack Of Diversity Bash On Love Island SA. For two days straight, the reality show has been trending. Unfortunately it wasn’t all about anything positive. Love Island SA became the most talked about reality show, because of their lack of diversity. Viewers couldn’t help but notice that there are only two blacks and two coloreds compared two the six white contestants on the Island.

To make matters worse, White people were paired with White people Coloureds with Coloureds and the Black guy with the Black lady. This caused a stir on social media with a lot of people, now calling the show, Love Island Orania, after a South Africa town that has only white residents, and uses their own currency. As if that was not enough, viewers are also not happy with the whole production. The camera crew could be spotted as the show was on, and their voices were also audible for viewers to hear. The sound and picture quality were also below par.

It goes without saying that sponsors do not want to be associated with any kind of bad publicity. Lotto Star, was one of the major sponsors of Love Island SA. The company which partially funded the R1 million prize for the winning couple, have decided to withdraw their sponsorship amidst the controversy. Their director posted a brief message declaring that they are no longer sponsoring Love Island SA. They went on to wish the show and the contestants success.

M-Net, the channel that airs Love Island SA has answered to the lack of diversity as well as production quality complaints. They apologized and admitted that they didn’t meet their usual standards on both counts. The channel has promised to fix things as soon as possible. Once again the power of Black Twitter takes the crown.

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