Maisha ya jela! Reasons campus students are happy Uni is open

By now schools in the country have officially reopened. But there is the lot that makes the campus students excited with the prospects of leaving home for school.

Here is why…

No freedom

For most campus students they have tasted freedom and once you taste freedom there is no going back. However, at home, you are under the authority of your parents. you have to report to them and state where you are going and if you are coming back and sometimes if you are from the stricter family you will not get permission to go out. The freedom of coming in and going out was deprived.

Broke as a church mouse

In school, you get some money, be it fare or lunch but now there is nothing. You eat there and stay there so they had undergone a severe period of brokenness.

Controlled by parents

Once you go to school you have control over the majority of stuff you do and the decisions you make. But at home you are always been sent and being told what to do this just doesn’t sit well with most students and they opt to be away from home and be in control of their own decisions.

Work like a donkey

If you leave alone in campus you get to dictate when to work (house chores) and when to relax. Sadly, at home, you are not the one in charge and so every two minutes you’ll hear your name being called around the house to wash the dishes and when you are done right before you sit down, cook lunch! Living at home is hectic
This is why most people prefer long-distance with their parents cause familiarity breeds contempt and now you start arguing over very petty stuff.

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