Mama bear! Celebrities who rarely show photos of their babies

Parenting is not an easy task; parents want to raise kids right by being keen in every single aspect from their dieting to their interaction and education.

Parents want the lives of their children to at least flow smoothly and protect them from any harm.

For celebrities parenting is even harder, being in the limelight means every action out there is questioned by fans.

Fans are part of the growth of the child and the family of the celebrity as a whole.

Some celebrities have chosen to protect their kids from social media with each having their own reasons for taking such drastic actions.

Here is a list of celebrities whose kids we rarely seen:


Gospel songbird Kambua has been in a childless marriage for over 7 years, a situation which had caused her frustrations but had great support from her husband pastor Jackson Mathu.

She shocked the country by sharing great news of her pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy Nathaniel Muhoro Mathu who was born last year.

Kambua is among the few celebrities who have chosen to keep his son off social media by hiding him.

Kambua is currently heavily pregnant with her second child and has gone to encourage childless women not to despair as the God of Sarah heard her cries.


Singer Swabri Mohammed alias Redsan is known to keep his life private.

The father of four has completely kept his family off social media to protect them from cyber bullying.

He once posted a photo of his son using filters then later deleted but it was too late as fans had gotten a hand of it and seen one of his children.

Brenda Wairimu

Fans are curious to know how the daughter of the beautiful actress Brenda Wairimu looks like.

It is common to see her post photos of her daughter taken from behind building curiosity to the fans.

Brenda Wairumu who is popular Gospel musician Juliani’s baby mama gave birth to baby Amor in 2015 and once excited fans by offering them a sneak pic of her daughter facing the other direction, the picture was not very clear but fans could pick some features comparing her to the mother.

Sharon Mundia

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Sharon Mundia is another name that also followed suit by keeping her baby off social media.

The blogger who is a popular face in social media particularly on YouTube where she shares her content has done the opposite when it comes to the raising of her own child.

Although she has managed to be successful in keeping her child out of sight her ex-husband who is the father of their daughter Naliantei once shared a picture back in 2017 holding the child in his arms.

Sharon Mundia who is also a digital content creator for Capital FM only posts pictures of herself but hides the identity of her daughter as much as possible.

Kate the actress

The bubbly Kate the actress is always vocal about her life story and finding love in the arms of former Tahidi high actor Phil the director.

The mother of two has been open to sharing pictures and experiences of her first child whom she got at the age of 19 but rarely posts her second child Baby K whom she sired with her husband Phil.

After giving birth the actress and her husband did not post the pictures of their new born baby.

When asked why she chose to do so Kate responded by saying she is protecting her daughter from the negative energy of the internet but would show off Baby K when the right time comes.

Guess the right time finally came after Phil posted a picture of their daughter

Amina Abdi

Much is not known about the private life of media personality Amina Abdi.

The mother of one rarely shares her private life with fans and not much is known about her apart from her social life, career wise and with friends.

The presenter who is married to DJ John Rabar, her former boss at Homeboyz radio does not share pictures of her son with very few ones found on the internet.

The former capital FM host keeps her child completely off social media and fans are getting used to the fact that her private life is to remain as it is Private.


Last in the category is musician Avril Nyambura.

Nothing is known about the father of her baby with rumors pointing to the direction of JBlessing but the singer has remained silent on the issue.

Once she gave birth the singer only shared a picture of her baby from the back and was bashed with claims that she was not proud of her child well guess it’s her own method of raising her child by keeping him off the internet for her own personal reasons.

The singer who has always shielded her baby from limelight then once shared a picture of her child for the first time since giving birth in 2018.

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