Mapenzi moto moto! Celebrities who’ve been through thick and thin together

Terence Creative

Not everyone sticks through with their partner when things get tough some tend to leave when things get tough.

Here a some that stayed through better or worse.

Njugush and Cele- the couple who have been blessed with a son shared with us some of their life stories through their stand-up comedy show through thick and thin which was on 14th February 2020. They stayed together when none of them had a source of income and even after they gained sources of income, they are still going strong

Size 8 and DJ Mo – by now we all know how difficult it had been for size 8 and her husband DJ Mo to go through the loss of their child after size 8 had a miscarriage. She shared how tough it was for them and even said how such things can break a home. Though after this tough journey they could not help but share their joy once she conceived again and bore her son muraya jnr. Apart from that there have been many other scandals of DJ Mo cheating and size 8 has stayed through it.

Milly Chebby and Terence- Terence creative is known for his great videos on Instagram. They may look like couple goals but they have also had their fare share of rough patches. Milly chebby shared in her YouTube of her they lost pregnancies before they finally got their daughter Milla. Also, Terrence cheated and it was a whole scandal but they managed to get through it and he publicly apologized

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