Marriages that survived the pandemic! 10 personalities who celebrated their wedding anniversaries in 2020

Kabi and Millie wa Jesus

Love is a beautiful thing and marriage levels it up by making the relationship official.

As much as a good number of celebrities have been involved in messy scandals and nasty break ups, some have had a beautiful ride in marriage and do not shun from pouring out their love on the internet.

In 2020 it has been love in the air with a number of public figures proving that true love really exists.

1. Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus– Just recently the celebrity couple goals Kabi and Milly wa Jesus shared with their fans their beautiful love story by celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary in style.

The two couldn’t help hide the emotions by pouring out their love life as usual and vlogging on their anniversary trip in the country.

Kabi and Milly have been championing marriage on their YouTube channel with the caption ‘marriage works’ as they showcase their journey together with their son.

Kabi wa Jesus

2. Mercy Masika- Gospel Songbird Mercy Masika rarely shares her private life on social media but when it comes to celebrating her wedding anniversary she can’t help but share in the joy with her fans.

The musician marked her 12 years of marriage by praising her husband and thanking God for getting married to what she described as an awesome man.

Mercy Masika and her husband referred to each other as friends as they celebrated their anniversary.

3. Kate Actress- Popular actress Kate and Phil the director got married 3 years ago and ever since the two have been all over each other.

On their wedding anniversary, Kate actress revealed how they travelled to Seychelles for their honeymoon and turned out to be more expensive than they had anticipated.

However had had the best moments in her life.

The mother of two also advised fans on her anniversary not to heed to the pressure of throwing a grand wedding so as to look good in the eyes of the public.

4. Size 8 and Dj Mo- Celebrity Couple Size 8 and DJ Mo have had a rocky path in their relationship in 2020 but that did not stop them from showering each other with love on their 7th wedding anniversary.

In spite of the cheating allegations on DJ Mo’s part, Size 8 did not hesitate to give God the glory for their marriage and citing an example of the love of Christ.

5. Bahati- Bahati likes to go extra when it comes to his relationship.

This year, the singer took their love life a notch higher by gifting his wife with 5 extravagant gifts to represent every year they have been together.

The Wanani hitmaker took his wife on a chopper ride, had a lavish lunch at Windsor hotel, Bahati then went ahead to buy his wife her dream phone,  expensive Samsung.

Gift number four was the unthinkable, a sexy lingerie to spice up their bedroom affairs then the biggest surprise to close the chapter was buying her a luxurious Mercedes car to mark their anniversary.

Diana and Bahati

6. Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah- Celebrity TV couple Lulu and Rashid Abdallah were not left behind in marking their special day.

Lulu shared a picture of their wedding and thanked God for the far they have come together as for hubby Rashid his was a word of advice on lessons to pick from marriage and indeed we could pick up on or two from these two lovebirds.

Rashid talked about marriage being all about supporting each other, tolerating and respecting each other.

Lulu Hassan

7. Nameless and Wahu- These are the absolute couple goals, feels like we are part of them as we have watched them grow in love and have two beautiful children together in a drama free relationship.

Nameless and Wahu who got married back in 2005 in Naivasha as usual decided to celebrate their special day that marked their 15th wedding anniversary by sharing beautiful love messages on their Instagram page and fans were so in love with them.

Nameless and wife Wahu

8. Mike Sonko- Even the troubled Nairobi governor knows how to go extra for his woman. Governor Mike Sonko was not left behind in narrating his love story giving young couples pieces of advice to mark his 21st wedding anniversary.

Sonko cited an example with the late Burundian president Pierre Nkurunzinza and his wife Denise whom he says was the late president’s first girlfriend and stuck together till his death.

He advised ladies to be patient with their men as they hustle and for men to respect their women.

He also went the extra mile by encouraging men not to use Viagra to satisfy their partners sexually but instead opt for the natural herbs from western such as Mukhombero.

9. Miguna Miguna- Typical of luo men and showering their lovers with love, lawyer Miguna Miguna is not any different.

To mark his wedding anniversary, Miguna posted a picture on his Facebook account which they had taken together with his wife and two daughters stepping out, to go have a beautiful moment and celebrate their anniversary.

10. Wambui Collymore- Former Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore may be no more but the love they shared with his wife Wambui was still burning like never before.

In spite of the sad demise that took Bob away, Wambui Collymore remembered to celebrate her wedding anniversary by sharing a touching message to go with the picture she posted of their wedding in which the widow thanked his late husband for being in her corner.

Bob Collymore and Wambui
Bob Collymore and Wambui
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