Masasa Mbangeni Loses Another Loved One To Covid-19

Masasa Mbangeni Loses Another Loved One To Covid-19. The Covi-19 statistics in South Africa are a clear indication that the pandemic is real. Every morning, we wake up to numbers of infected people, as well as those who lost their lives. No one is safe! Just a few days ago, Masasa Mbangeni opened up about a loved one who died from Covid-19.

In less than 5 days, the award winning actress has revealed that another one of her aunts has died from Covi-19. Masasa also mentioned that her beloved aunt had many co- morbidities. Although, she didn’t mention them, the most common Covid-19 comorbidities are hypertension, obesity, chronic lung conditions like TB, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions like coronary heart disease and congenital heart disease.


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“Lost another Aunt to Covid today. She had many co-morbidities . This didn’t stop my kinsman from traveling to the rural side where he came back with a cough and a general air of malaise . My Aunt’s last words were to call out for my mother . My beloved mom is taking mental strain,” Masasa said.

Masasa’s mother is an ICU nurse, and there has been a concern about our health workers. She is already taking metal strain over losing loved ones. Our hearts are with Masasa and her family during this difficult time.

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