Meet the new DJ in town! Obinna plays the jack of all trades with his new skills


Meet the new superstar DJ in town. You won’t believe it but comedian Oga Obinna has decided to take up a new skill in 2020 and roll with it.

2020 does not have to be that boring year when people are feeling frustrated and locked up in a cage.

For the Nigerian comedian based in Kenya he has decided to take up a new challenge by adding a new skill to end this year in style.

Obinna posted a video on his Instagram page hyping fans with music as he showcased his skills on the deck.

He further added a description to the video by describing himself as a jack of all trades with all the skills he has acquired so far apart from being a comedian as known by many.


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Comedian Oga Obinna is not just funny but multitalented.

He is what we can describe as the jack of all trades.

The funny man took to his Instagram account to share with his fans his newly profound love on the decks.

In the video posted, the comedian seems to be having a great time syking up fans alongside a hype man in a club.

Looks like he has been receiving lessons from super talented VDJ jones as he saluted him on another post and also referring to himself as an aggressive student reporting on duty.

Obinna seems to be having the time of his life as he describes himself as the top Selecta on the decks with the hashtag super star DJ.

Obinna also showed the world why he is multi talented by pouring out what he does apart from comedy and deejaying.


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Apart from killing it on the decks, fans took note of his new hairstyle, a short braided style with some claiming it is a no for him.

However, the comedian is in for the look as he shuts one of his hair critics who said that he does not look good with the new look.

“That hair is a No! Hukai poa.” Commented one of his fans with the funny man replying, “issa no as per whose standards?”.

Well all we can say is good luck on new venture Oga Obinna, do you.

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