Mejja wanting to punch Diamond to Willy Paul’s DMs! 11 Surprises of 2020

Diamond and his family

Surprises are called surprises for the astonishment it brings, however some things are way beyond our imaginations.

In 2020 we have been served with a number of unexpected moves from our celebrities both positive and negative.

Here are the top 10 surprises of 2020.

Zari visiting Diamond Platinumz

Businesswoman Zari and her former lover Bongo star Diamond Platinumz became the talk of the town after an unpredictable move.

Despite their nasty break up on Valentines’ day in 2017 in which Diamond was guilty of cheating on her baby mama Zari with model Hamisa Mobetto things seem to have taken a different turn with peace reigning between the two.

Zari who is based in South Africa flew to Tanzania with the kids to visit the bongo star.

The two shared photos of the family reunion on Instagram and fans have since been raising speculations of the two patching things up but Zari has gone all out to kill the rumors of them dating again by stating that they are only co-parenting.

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Lolani Kalu living in squalor

Another big surprise has got to be the disappearance of Lolani Kalu from the media when someone asked for his whereabouts.

Thereafter were astonishing photos shared on twitter of the former NTV reporter in his hometown in Kaloleni, Kilifi county.

Afterwards the journalist revealed he was facing financial constraints following getting conned Ksh 2 million by a contractor set to build him a house in Kasarani, Nairobi county.

Kalu also shared his frustrations stating that he also used his remaining money for his father’s hospital bills that later on passed away in October, 2019 and now has to care for his ailing 90 year old mother.

Kalu then pleaded to Kenyans to contribute to him in order for him to buy a camera and a computer to start making money to cater for his needs which he did and posted the pictures of the camera and computer on social media.

Lolani Kalu is now employed by TV47 as a correspondent in the coastal region.

Anitah Nderu coming out

Anita Nderu has seen herself trending all over, not just once but twice over matters in relation to sexuality.

The media personality got tongues wagging after posting on her twitter account that she hopes her children would not have to go through what she went through for being LGBTQ.

The post got fans astonished questioning her sexuality which she has still remained silent on.

Earlier on, Anitah got trolled by angry netizens for hosting two of her friends who are members of the LGBTQ community on her cooking show ‘The overdressed cook’.

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Jowie launching his music career

Now this was mind blowing who would have thought that Jackie Maribe’s ex could actually make a good singer.

After the dramatic events that saw Jowie Irungu being charged for the brutal murder on businesswoman Monica Irungu to breaking up with Jacque Maribe while in prison, Jowie came out of prison a changed man.

He surprised his fans with a debut of his first gospel song ‘Nishikilie’.

Nishikilie was a reflection of his life, it is worth noting that Jowie was once a member of a band before reviving his talent to Kenyans on August 19, 2020.

Eric Omondi’s body transformation

Now this is worth talking about, I mean who would have thought that the skinny King of comedy who kept joking about his tiny self would become an appetizing muscular man come 2020?

The funny man shared pictures of his body transformation after launching his studio.

Eric’s body transformation has led to various comedians doing the Eric Omondi challenge to follow suit.

DJ Mo’s expose

This year cannot end without jogging our minds a little bit on the nasty expose by blogger Edgar Obare on DJ Mo’s cheating allegations.

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 became a trending topic after a Bahrainian woman shared alleged intimate conversations and pictures of herself and the gospel DJ exposing his infidelity.

The expose then caused a meltdown on gospel singer Size 8 while shooting a commercial after he showed up to talk to her after the ugly scenario.

Size 8 then made headlines after forgiving her husband and going to the prayer session.

They resumed their reality TV show dining with the Murayas and made peace.

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Jalang’o on joining politics

Jalang’o has been masking headlines this year for various reasons.

First his famous exit from Milele FM to Edgar Obare’s expose on the boy’s club to his recent revelation on venturing into politics after the radio job.

Jalang’o shocked many after revealing that working for Kiss FM would be his last radio job as he seeks to start his own media company and joining politics.

Speaking during an interview with Billy Miya, Jalang’o revealed his interest in becoming the MP of Lang’ata constituency in a bid to bring change.

Willy Paul sliding into girls’ DMs

Mtasema Hallelujah! Popular musician Willy Paul is not new to controversy, he seems to attract controversy everywhere he goes.

One memorable controversy is of him being exposed for sliding into young women’s Instagram pages.

Screenshots were released on twitter of one of the girl’s who exposed Pozze for insisting on meeting with her.

Larry Madowo on anchoring BBC World News in America

Larry Madowo has this year served his fans with a surprise and it is a good one.

The former NTV news anchor shared news on November 21, 2020 of him progressing well in his career by anchoring on BBC World News (America). As usual Kenyans could not keep calm as they couldn’t help express their happiness and pride over his achievement.

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Mulamwah on quitting comedy and returning again

David Oyando alias Mulamwah has had it rough in 2020 to the point of giving up on his career.

Comedian Mulamwah is not new to cyber bullying.

Kenyans on Twitter are known to serve it as cold as it may come but for Mulamwah he could not take the trolling anymore and decided to quit comedy, a move which did not go well with fellow celebrities.

Mulamwah burnt his signature shirt; the cyber bullying adding up with losing his unborn baby was too much for the comedian to handle.

However, various celebrities encouraged him on not quitting which led to a change of mind

Mejja on declining Wasafi collabo

The super talented genge star Mejja revealed his decision to decline Tanzania’s Wasafi’s collaboration.

Many would question the move as Wasafi is a popular and influential brand in East Africa with the African star Diamond Platinumz as its president, However Mejja is equally a big brand.

The issue of him working with Wasafi was due to claims that he was disrespected in the manner in which they approached him.

The Wasafi team messaged him on his instagram page requesting for a collabo but made it seem that they will be doing him a favor by working together leading him to turn down the opportunity.

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