Men, here is how to impress your soon to be father-in-law (List)

Stephie Muigai
Stephie Muigai during her wedding at Fuschia gardens, Limuru

Planning to visit your girlfriend’s dad? If your answer to this is yes, then below are some important things to consider before doing so.

You don’t want to go and ruin everything for yourself.

Work hard

Men who have potential are received so well even when the parents do not know him.

How you go to see her parents the first time determines the way you will be treated in the future.

Tag a few friends along

Friends does not mean the one you go to drink with, whose father wants to be visited by people still nursing hangovers.

Take along friends who can defend you in-case the fire at your bae’s home becomes too much to handle.

Do not go empty handed

Mkono mtupu haulambwi, so you can do some shopping and carry some extra cash to leave behind.

You do not want your potential father-in-law thinking anaacha mtoto wake aende kwa shida.

But do not borrow, just take your time and save up and visit when you are ready.

Be presentable

Kenya is a free world that we all know, but put a little effort when going to visit the father of your bae.

Don’t go in rugged jeans that make you look like like you are in dire need of help. You dont have to wear a suit but make an effort to look good.


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