Men shouldn’t ask women for money – Kamene Goro

Renown Kiss FM morning host Kamene Goro in her morning talk show with co-host Jalas divulged that a woman shouldn’t give a man money as men don’t pay back debts.

She argued that men seeking money from women is a menace and an affront to societal norms.

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She pointed out double standards, juxtaposing two situations; that when a man gives you money it is regarded as an investment and they would need some returns in some form whilst it’s just a helping hand when the other way round.

Jalas countered, proclaiming that women also dish money with a goal in mind and men have done too much for long anyway for women and it’s time they get some kickbacks.

Kamene Goro also let on that giving a Nairobi man money is as good as flushing the same down the toilet.

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