Mistakes slay queens make when dating sponsors – List


It’s no longer news to see young girls going out with men old enough to be their fathers, they are referred to sponsors or budeskos.

While some are lucky enough to make hay while the sun shines by investing, many end up empty-handed.

Below are some of the mistakes young girls do when dating sponsors.

  1. Assuming that he will leave your wife for you

That has to be the joke of the century, only a stupid man would leave their wife for a slay queen who is just after their money.

Very rarely do men dump their wives for the other woman so what makes you think things will be different with you?

If you are in such a relationship just accept the fact that you are the bystander and nothing will change that, atachovya asali ikiisha he moves on.

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2. Thinking you are the only lady in his life

This is the other mistake young girls make, assuming that they are the only ones in a sponsor’s life.
If he can afford to spoil you what makes you think he cannot afford to keep other girls.

3. Flaunting your sponsor on social media

Ever wondered why there are anonymous donors and sponsors around the world? It’s because they do not want their identities revealed.

So by sharing photos of you and your sponsor on social media, that can be a deal-breaker. Unaeza pata umeachwa mataani.

Just enjoy your vacation, your paid-for apartment, and all the things being offered without involving him in your soon to be a mess.

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4. Trapping them with a child

Most sponsors are past the age of changing diapers, so trapping them with a child might end up backfiring on you.
Unless he agrees to it, don’t even think about it, utalilia kwa choo.

5. Openly dating other men while dating your sponsor- Let no one lie to you that sponsors don’t get jealous.

Why shouldn’t they? They are human and no man wants to imagine himself sharing his woman with another man.
So don’t bring your Ben 10 to the house your sponsor is being paid for, mtauana bure.

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