Moses Kuria Found Alive after He went Missing for 2 Days!

Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

“My great people of the Kenyan land and Nation. I am safe and sound”. These are words of Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria when he resurfaced on Sunday after his friends claimed that he had gone missing from Friday.

In a Facebook post, the legislator said he had not been abducted. He claimed he went into hiding for fear of arrest and spending the weekend in police cells or a quarantine facility.

Kuria says that he had received information that he would be arrested shortly after leaving Kariobangi, where he had accompanied Kariobangi North MCA Hon Maina Njoka and Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, to condemn evictions that left at least 5,000 homeless.

The lawmaker claims that a senior government official had ordered his arrest “for daring to go to Korogocho”.

The MP said the police had on Wednesday arrested the Kariobangi North MCA after he condemned the demolitions and held him at Pangani Police station until the next day to intimidate other politicians from calling out the government.

“Hon Njoka was only freed by a makeshift court at Kasarani stadium on Thursday 7th May 2020 at 5pm after laughable and flimsy charges. The objective of Hon Njoka’s incarceration was to discourage anyone from standing with the suffering people of Kariobangi Sewage and Korogocho Market, ” Kuria wrote.

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“On Friday, 8th May 2020, Ndindi Nyoro and myself decided to accompany Hon Maina Njoka to fulfill his desire to stand by the people who voted for him. As responsible leaders, we first presented to Kariobangi Police Station whereby we explained to the OCS and the Deputy OCS our mission and assured them that we have no ulterior motive other than to stand with our people.”

After leaving Kariobangi on Friday, Kuria says, he saw three vehicles trailing him.

“As I left Homeland inn I was followed by 3 vehicles and had to use all sorts of deviations and tactics to dodge them. The objective was clearly to arrest me and hold me throughout the weekend or even worse to detain me in a quarantine facility, ” Kuria said.

“I was determined not to let this happen as I had done no wrong other than to stand with suffering people. More so, I would not do so without my personal doctor given what happened to Ken Matiba. The other objective was also to send a message to the so called political class not to stand with the people at their hour of need.


“I have been used before as a guinea pig to send a message to the opposition, the political class . I was arrested and charged in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 to facilitate arrests of opposition leaders. I had to battle those charges in court before I was acquitted of all of them But. But still, I am not a guinea pig. I am a human being. I am a husband, a father, a leader, a brother and a son to my dear mother who gets depressed when her son is arrested and charged only to send a message to others.”

Kuria says he is a targeted man for always questioning the government.

“I am very sure if the United Nations demand that a Kenyan be offered to test the Corona Virus vaccine, the Kenya government will offer Moses Kuria as the guinea pig to test the vaccine. To the people of Korogocho and Kariobangi village, you shall not walk alone. I will be back with my colleagues and other well-wishers to stand with you, ” he said.

Kuria’s “disappearance” was reported on Friday evening by his friend and former State House operative Dennis Itumbi.

On the same day, Itumbi called on the police to come out clean on Kuria’s whereabouts, asking them to confirm if the lawmaker had been arrested.

Itumbi said attempts to reach the MP were futile as his phone was off and his family didn’t know about his whereabouts.

Before he went missing, Kuria a known critic of President Uhuru Kenyatta had also taken to social media to castigate Uhuru’s men for the Kariobangi “menace”.

“I understand that the Kariobangi Sewage evictions are meant to clear the land to set up sewage disposal for an ambitious forthcoming ultra-modern city project. But for crying out loud, it’s not that the ultra-modern city project is being built tomorrow, ” he wrote on Facebook.

“How does one reconcile their conscience to see women and children evicted when they are suffering from lack of money, acute food shortage, unforgiving rains and battling with Coronavirus? How does it benefit you to own the whole world and lose your soul? You will burn in hell.”

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