Most scandalous baby mamas and baby daddies in 2020

Maureen Waititu and Frankie

When it comes to the term baby mama or baby daddy what mostly comes into the mind of an individual is usually some nasty or strained relationship.

A dramatic event is what pops in the mind of a person after all these are former lovers who went a step ahead to have a baby together then called it quits and celebrities have specialized in scandalous baby mama and daddies drama.

The year 2020 has given us a fair share of baby mama and daddy drama and these are some of the big names who have become the talk of the town with their former lovers.

1. Frankie Just gym it and Maureen Waititu

This dramatic event is still fresh on our minds. Former couple goals that became an internet sensation following their steamy African photos washed their dirty linen after each pointing fingers at the other.

For Frankie, he has been accused of being a deadbeat dad, claims which he has refuted on the defense that YouTube sensation Maureen Waititu whom they share two wonderful kids with has been denying him access to his kids.

Frankie who fathered a child with his current girlfriend, socialite Corazon Kwamboka, said that he was denied access on his son’s Lexxie’s birthday as he turned five.

As for Maureen, she pointed an accusing finger at her baby daddy accusing him of negligence by being unbothered about the kids.

2. Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinumz

If there was a major break up that stirred debate on social media then it has got to be this one but anyway was there a time that the bongo star Diamond Platinimz ended a relationship without him being the talk of East Africa?

For many the break up was bound to take place judging from Diamond’s cheating history.

Before Tanasha there was Zari Hassan, a short fling with Hamisa Mobetto, Wema Sepetu the list is long for sure so what would have made the story different this time?

Zari even spoke of the two breaking up, sending a word to Tanasha that this was bound to happen.

The two were all over each other, with the bongo star supporting Tanasha’s career as she embarked on her music journey by even doing a big song together ‘Gere’.

Gere was a song that was supposed to glue the two together as it talked of their undying love but what followed was a break up after Tanasha unfollowed him on Instagram.

The reason for the split up according to Tanasha was on infidelity as for the hit maker, he defended himself on the claims that with Tanasha he had decided to mend his ways and only focus on her.

Tanasha and Diamond share a son by the name Naseeb Juma as a fruit of their once present love but Tanasha when interviewed stated that Diamond Platinumz does not cater for child support and she provides everything for his son all alone.

3. Cashy and Khaligraph Jones

Former power couple rapper Khaligraph Jones and Cashy have always had it nasty since their break up.

Cashy has been vocal enough to describe how dating Khaligraph has been like.

The two were so in love that they became popular from their famous rap song ‘Micasa Sucasa’ but parted ways in 2018.

This year Cashy was not going to let Brian Ouko alias Khaligraph Jones or commonly referred to by fans as Papa Jones rest easy.

Cashy took to her instagram page to call on his baby daddy whom they were blessed with a boy just when they broke up to cater for child support.

Cashy summoned Papa Jones to cater for his son’s health care as he was ailing.

Khaligraph is currently dating the love of his life Georgina Muteti whom they share a daughter with, with another on the way.

4. Dennis Ndavi and Naisenya Kimani

NRG radio’s commercial director Dennis Ndavi has also made it to the list of 2020 dramatic baby daddies and mummies after his baby mama Naisenya Kimani, a food enthusiast called upon him to pay for child support.

Naisenya, accused Ndavi of not obeying court orders by not paying up on child support with the arrears accumulating to an estimate of 800,000/-.

The court order was then issued on January 10th, 2020 and later on February 14th the baby daddy was summoned to court.

5. Ghetto Radio’s King Kafu

This is one interesting case as there is no presence of a baby mama, what actually took place was a twisted turn of events for Ghetto radio presenter King Kafu.

Kafu found himself in a nasty scenario after he was accused of negligence by the unidentified baby mama who dumped the baby at Kasarani and left a note stating that the child belonged to Nicholas Cheruyot popularly known as King Kafu.

The troubled baby daddy later on picked the child at the Kasarani police station.

6. Ben Githae and Rose Wanjiru

Kikuyu gospel musician Ben Githae made headlines after being accused by her baby mama, Rose Wanjiru of being a deadbeat.

Githae then rushed to clean his name by accusing his baby mama of trying to tarnish his reputation by spreading false stories.

7. Sosuun vs Kenrazy’s family

This has got to be one astonishing break up in 2020 leaving fans tongue tied.

No one saw this split up coming as the two love birds have always been great together and it was not their romance that led to the break up.

Rapper Sossun revealed her reason for breaking up with her hubby Kenrazy.

According to Sosuun she could not take it anymore from her toxic in-laws who never liked from the first encounter.

The mother of two stressed that her in laws never loved or accepted her and would treat her differently during family gatherings.

Sosuun apologized to rapper Kenrazy for making such a decision of leaving their matrimonial home but said that she did not want him to find himself in a situation where he had to choose between her sister in law and herself.

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