“Most South Africans Will Miss My Father,” Duduzane Zuma

“Most South Africans Will Miss My Father,” Duduzane Zuma. Through Twitter, his aim is to expose those who betrayed his father Jacob Zuma and history. Duduzane Zuma who is very close to his father has been posting a series of tweets comparing the current government to the time when his father was still the president of South Africa.

Although his tweets receives criticism, Duduzane continues to sing former president, Jacob Zuma‘s praises. Citing some of the problems faced by South Africans since his father left office, Duduzane is adamant that most people will miss him. “Things are going to be worse. Most South Africans will miss my father,” he said.

Among his other tweets, Duduzane praised his father for making sure that ARV’s are available and accessible to millions of South Africans while he was still the president. “He didn’t dig graves for his own people, ” he added.

Check out some of Duduzane’s tweets on the road to clearing his father’s name.

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