Mother-in-Law’s Charity Mwamba says being ‘dumped’ by Ugandan husband left her depressed

He sold our matrimonial home and sent people to come to throw me out.-Charity Mwamba

Charity Mwamba and Massawe Japanni
Image: Courtesy

Citizen TV’s Mother-in-law actress Charity Mwamba has shared how she got into depression after her Ugandan husband, Shem Bageine, left.

Charity met Shem while studying at Makerere where the two got married while still students.

Speaking during an interview with Metha Ya Kagoni, the mother of three shared:

“He is younger than me by two years but he was very brilliant.

We met while acting at Makerere University, we got married as students we were later blessed with two girls and a boy.

It was not easy, I suffered depression after he took my kids from me. He was very influential and I could not follow up to get the kids.”

Charity added:

“We have never officially divorced, I still rock my wedding ring.

I was broke but had no one to tell’- Muthoni Mukiri

There were so many bad things happening at the time so we did not have time to focus on getting a divorce.

For a divorce to go through both people must be present and he was not.

I know he would not have minded divorcing me but I was not okay with it as he was the one living with the kids.

Charity added that her husband also sold their home something that almost left her homeless.

He sold our matrimonial home and sent people to come to throw me out. They wanted to auction my property.

I could not pay the auctioneers so I asked for help from a pastor friend who connected me to some lawyers.

The case dragged on for 30 years and I finally won the case. The house is now mine.”

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