Mrs Jones Is Head Over Heels In Love and We Are Here For It

Mrs Jones Is Head Over Heels In Love and We Are Here For It. Move over Ciara, we also have some inspirational couples over here. One such are Minnie and Quinton Jones. Ever since their extravagant wedding a few years ago, the Joneses have always taken things a notch up in the love department.

From beautiful romantic gestures to baecations all over the world, the Joneses leave no stone unturned as they show how much they love each other. Just recently Quinton was away for only three days, and this gave Minnie some serious separation anxiety.

The media personality and entrepreneur took to Twitter to share with her fans how she felt during those days, and after her husband returned. Although she had great company, Minnie couldn’t deal with the fact that her better half was away for a few days.

Yoh this lockdown has given me some serious separation anxiety. Hubby was away for 3days, and although I had some great company I felt like I was missing a limb. So glad he’s back. So now I’m following him around everywhere. He’s SOOO ANNOYED,” if this isn’t love, we don’t know what is!

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