Mtaachana Tuu! unexpected celebrities break ups of 2020

Vera and her bae Chinasa

Nothing is as disappointing as two love birds parting ways. The idea is for two lovers to walk down the aisle or just settle down and live happily ever after.

The reality on the ground is that not every relationship always works out and the end of a relationship most of the time is usually nasty.

There are tears, anger, frustrations, stress so on and so forth. For celebrities the situation is even worse, the whole world knows that the couple split up, there are those who can’t handle breakups properly and pour out their frustrations on social media, the fans getting disappointed and pointing fingers on who should have done what for the relationship to work out and those celebrating when people split up AKA kamati ya roho chafu.

This year there have been a number of breakups, some expected others came in as a shocker. Here is a list of 5 celebrity couples who have called it quits in 2020:

1. Willis Raburu and Marya Prude– Everything seem to be going on smoothly. After walking down the aisle these two were the absolute celebrity goals. They even shared their love story on Reverend Kathy Kiuna’s show ‘Woman without limits’ and marriage seem to have been their thing until a turn of events. First came the separation of Willis Raburu with his wife that sparked a debate on social media on what happened just after mourning the death of their daughter. Willis and his ex-wife separated with the Citizen TV presenter moving to Kileleshwa and Marya in Thindigua in Kiambu. It was reported that the two shared household items when they decided to go their separate ways. There is no clear reason as to why the two called it quits but the story stirred a hot topic on the internet with claims of infidelity on Willis Raburu’s part who was allegedly involved with a beautiful Ugandan woman. Both Marya and Raburu still remain silent on the issue with the Hot 96 presenter neither rubbishing or confirming the claims

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2. Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinumz- Talk about the breakup of the year. For some this was to be expected as bongo star Diamond Platinumz has a long list of cheating history. This time it was not any different, Tanasha and Diamond seem to have made it through and survived in their so called predicated break up. They went ahead and had a baby, Naseeb Jr and gifted the world with a banger ‘Gere’ which described their relationship with the title of the song Gere, meaning jealousy to mock their haters who wanted their love to fade. Everyone now became convinced how serious these two were in their dating life with the beauty queen quitting her radio job to focus on motherhood and her new music journey, which Naseeb Abdul Juma also known as Diamond Platinumz or Simba playing the role of a supportive boyfriend to her lover’s music career with Diamond having great influence on people musically in Africa. What followed was the usual drama, something that Diamond seems to be really good at. The relationship ended, it was through Tanasha’s post on Instagram that the mother of one warned fans of narcisstic personalities hinting to refer to her baby daddy. She also urged fans in a long post in instagram stories to protect their souls. She later unfollowed Diamond and his family members and deleted some photos of them together. Wasafi signed artiste Rayvanny later on confirmed their break up by joking on how the artiste was done with Kenya heading to the next stop in Eastern Africa, this is thanks to Diamond dating fellow Tanzanians, Zari from Uganda and Tanasha Donna from Kenya.

3. Sosuun and Kenrazy– This is one of the break ups that left mouths wide open, I mean who saw this coming? After 10 years of marriage, Sosuun decided to call it quits. Not because anyone cheated or there was bad blood between the two but the rapper cited toxic relationship between her and her in laws who did not like her from the word go. The mother two though being in a loving relationship stated frustrations from her in laws who treated her differently. She went ahead to apologize to Kenrazy for leaving their matrimonial home as he did not want him to pick between her and his family.

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4. Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu- Team mafissilettes could not hide the fact that Jacque Maribe was one lucky woman for snatching such a good looking man who later on proposed to her in 2018. The love story was all beautiful like a fairy tale until Jowie landed in hot soup for being a prime suspect in Monicah Kimani’s death. Allegedly Jowie was also involved with the deceased, the case got so nasty to the point of dragging Maribe in the case and ruining her job as an anchor at Citizen TV. What followed was Jowie being thrown in prison and later on released this year. After he was released Jowie confirmed that she and Maribe were no longer an item and had splitted while in jail. He also said that there was no communication between him and her ex and thereafter found love in the arms of her new bae Eleanor Musangi.

5. Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa– Vera Sidika has been on and off in terms of her dating life. First it was with the Nigerian man Yommy then followed the nasty break up between her and Otile. After that she had a short fling that also couldn’t survive then she met the love of her life Tanzanian fine doctor Jimmy Chansa. The two were all over each other to the extent of sparking marriage plans then what followed was the curvy socialite dumping him. In an instagram post Vera cited that she couldn’t stay in a toxic relationship in order to impress others. Jimmy Chansa then confirmed that indeed he had been dumped by the beautiful businesswoman the only positive outcome of this break up was that it was not as nasty as in Otile’s case. Vera moved on and is currently engaged to musician Brown Mauzo.

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