Mungu mpe nguvu! Tear-jerking photos of heartbroken Njoroge, Papa Shirandula’s BFF at his grave

Papa Shirandula and Njoroge

Kenneth Gichoya popularly known as Njoroge in local TV series Papa Shirandula has been hit hard by his best friend Charles Bukeko’s death.

Charles Bukeko who was famously known as Papa Shirandula succumbed to Covid-19 and was laid to rest at his Nanderema, Samia sub-county, Busia county on Monday morning.

Papa Shirandula
Actor Njoroge (left) A friend and Charles Bukeko (right)
Njoroge, Papa Shirandula’s best friend on the show was present during his burial to pay last respects to the fallen actor. Njoroge looked so heartbroken and his photo standing next to Papa’s grave has moved many to tears.

Check out the photos

Actor Njoroge
Actor Njoroge at Papa Shirandula’s grave


Actor Njoroge
Jalang’o, actor Njoroge, Captain Otoyo and mourners at Bukeko’s burial

Actor Njoroge Actor Njoroge

Actor Njoroge Actor Njoroge Actor Njoroge

Below are the reactions from Kenyans on Njoroge’s pics

Collins Dudi Actor Kenneth Gichoya popularly known as Njoro looks weak, a sign that the departed actor Papa Shirandula was not only his colleague but a family. It is hard to believe that Papa is no more, it’s very painful.

Kennie Balo This is the saddest picture I have seen today on the internet..To my Friend Njoro it’s going to be fine whatever you’re going through you shall overcome

Daniel Kipyego Kiptum I feel the pinch of your situation Njoro.The INTENSITY and MAGNETIC(MAGNETO as he calls himself) FIELDS of Papa’s death paralyzed me too.Let’s comfort one another.

Abel Mutie Njoro was a good friend to papa and it would be even seen on TV. Njoro don’t worry papa is in the land of the dead. Papa has gone to the land of mystery. A land where those who go never returned to tell us what they saw. The spiritual land. One person once told me that the physical world co- exist with the spiritual world. Let’s hope that the spirit of papa is still around us. Watching us all.
That was Papa’s time Next it will be me, you and the others.
Take heart.

Mariam Kassim May the lord comfort you 😭 my favourite comedians you have been putting a smile on our faces R.I.P papa

Billy Isadia Akelola Really sad for everyone, but so extreme for this guy. May God give him peace

Kipngetichsan17 Pole sana Njoro😭😭💔💔This pic makes me shade tears 😢😭😭😭 It’s proof that True friendship is always Permanent and only pauses at graveyard😭💔 💔#RIPPapaShirandula

Twoten It’s heavy Njoro just release the pain in your heart, its okay to cry.

Nicholas Muange This guy needs counseling before he falls into depression

Shadrac Njoro take heart. Your bond was real

abuaishaaqm Kwanza the way Njoro comically used to call papa, ‘Sirandura’ or something close to that. They were a great duo. I feel for Njoro. I hope it will be well.

Musahuko This is so sad. May the peace of the Lord be with Papa’s beloved ones and may his sufficient grace enable them to accept his will. Rest well Charles Bukeko

Grace The pain in his eyes tells it all. It shall be well, take heart

Ernest Mose some friendship goes beyond TRIBE…

Harley Mukunda So saddening.

Wanaoni Mike He is feeling the same way i felt when I lost my dad. It shall be well Njoro. May God give you strength and the entire crew plus the family during this trying moments

Ranny Mwendwa He will surely need counseling

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