Mungu wape mguvu! Ken Walibora’s daughters pays moving tribute (Photos)

Veteran journalist and author Prof Ken Walibora was laid to rest at his Makutano home in Cherang’any Constituency today.

Only 15 family members were allowed to attend the funeral.

However his daughters Sheila and Katila, who are based in the states paid a moving tribute.

Beloved Dad,
Your very presence was magnetic.
As the waves are drawn to the shore,
everyone was drawn to you.
Loved by many,
you captured our hearts with your words,
Artfully painted scenes with your fingers.
You taught us about dreams,
by living yours.
You did what you loved
and you loved what you did.
As you knew well,
Every book must come to an end.
Just like words that are penned
cannot be forgotten,
Recollections of lives lived well
cannot be forsaken.
You left us at a loss for words
And only tears flow where sorrow resides.
But we are not without hope,
For you live on in the memory of “the beginning and the end.”

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