Mungu wasaidie! 10 Most trolled celebrities of 2020

In an era where the internet means everything to most people and there is freedom of expression, it is almost impossible to curb cyber bullying.

In fact in a video that made rounds the president himself admitted to giving up on twitter because of the trolls.

Social media as much as it is a platform where one shares his/her own experiences there the downfalls of it especially being in the public eye amassing an interesting number of followers there are all sorts of people.

Some who are there to celebrate your wins with you, others who are inspired by you and those that are ready to unleash their dark side and drag you in the mud.

There those who hold different views and are open to expressing it. A number of public figures have had it rough in 2020.

Here is a list:

1. Mulamwah– Fast rising comedian Mulamwah tops the list by being dragged in the mad for the longest time.

The comedian has had it rough in the hands of Kenyans on twitter, trending for various reasons.

First people claimed he was not funny and termed his jokes as lame.

He was then subject to body shaming, where he got bullied for his physical attributes.

At this point the fast rising star had had enough of the trolls and decided to call it quits in the comedy industry and even burnt his signature shirt to signify the end of his comedy career.

For the comedian he cited that bad blood because of the trolls led to the loss of their unborn baby with his ex.

Fellow celebrities then came to his rescue by offering him a shoulder to lean on and urging him not to yield to the demands of his haters and get back on the comedy that made him a star.

Mulamwah heeded the advice and came back bigger and better, defending himself when getting trolled.

He was later mocked after calling it quits with his former girlfriend.

Mulamwah recently expressed his disappointments after his twitter account got reported and later on suspended.

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2. Bahati– Another artiste that has had it rough in 2020 is popular musician Bahati.

The singer has always been on the receiving end for one reason or another.

One of the reasons the musician has been trolled is for doing a collabo with secular artists while he was still in the gospel industry.

With the release of one of hit songs Kererembe which he has featured genge group Kansol, fans had to give their opinion by dragging him in the mud.

He later on found himself in the receiving end once again for the usul dating life.

It is not common for fans to troll him for the choice of his wife. Why? Because of Diana Marua’s age.

Bahati has been nastily dragged for marrying a woman who is older than him but has been quick to defend his family and respond to his haters.

As if that’s not all fans have also jumped on the artist expressing their disappointments after he shifted to the secular world.

With the release of the Wanani remix which features secular artists such as Mejja, Petra, Ssaru, Odi wa Murang’a and Benzema it was crystal clear that Bahati had given up on the gospel path.

He later on addressed the issue claiming that the decision will not have an effect in his belief and the industry is rotten.

3. Willy Paul- As usual musician Willy Paul has been a subject of controversy for the longest time.

Willy Paul has been having it rough from way back as an artist in the gospel industry then his transition into secular then having scandles with women accusing him of seducing them.

In 2020 it definitely had to be Willy Paul again, this time with the usual scandles from women.

The singer became a subject of discussion and a victim of trolls in the hands of Kenyans on twitter after a screenshot circulated of the singer making moves on a young woman asking her to meet up.

From the screenshot Willy Paul made it seem like he is doing the girl a favor by meeting up after sliding into her DM and pressuring her to create time that day or get blocked.

Kenyans did not take the leakage of information kindly and trolled the singer describing him as a woman eater.

4. Jalang’o– Oh hail the king of radio! Jalang’o is a popular face in the eyes of the public and it’s only common for him to be subject to trolls for one reason or the other.

In 2020 Jalang’o had it rough on several occasions. First, the KISS FM presenter was trolled after landing a job at the Radio Africa station just after Andrew Kibe called it quits.

Jalas who was working for Milele FM left the station and later on landed a job as Kamane Goro’s co-host in the breakfast show.

For critics they felt that the comedian was the reason for Andrew Kibe’s departure and dragged him to the mud.

He defended himself by making it clear that the position was vacant as Kibe had called it quits for his own reasons and not because of him.

The second scenario that tore the comedian apart was in the famous Boys Club expose in which the blogger Edgar Obare exposed Jalang’o and his friends’ chat.

In the chat through a Whatsapp group, it revealed that the comedian and his friends shared women and Jalang’o being a married man made the matters worse.

He was accused of disrespecting women by sharing them and later joking about it.

Jalang’o then addressed the issue by refuting claims saying that it was just but friends having a light moment but not as put out there.

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5. Shakila– This is the year where fast rising socialite Shakilla climbed the ladder of fame.

Shakila has been making headlines for controversial matters.

She first got people talking when she did a video mentioning the names of the celebrities she has slept with.

Some were false accusations however, she later left people talking after she pleasured herself on an Instagram live.

Kenyans felt that the 19-year-old was immoral and seeking attention in the wrong manner and called her all manner of names and made fun of her on the internet.

The socialite however displayed a don’t care attitude towards her critics.

Shakila then again was trolled after twerking while naked in American musician’s Tory Lanez’s Instagram live.

6. Diana Marua– Bahati’s wife just like her husband has had to wear a tough face in front of her critics.

This year she has faced a number of criticism and been trending on twitter.

Diana has been made fun of for being married to Bahati who is younger than him.

Critics felt that the age gap is disturbing in the relationship.

Diana then was shaded after the boys club saga erupted.

Pictures were shared of Diana with various artists whom critics claimed she had slept with and used abusive words to harm her reputation.

Diana Marua has however had to face her critics with the support of her husband

7. Azziad Nasenya– How she became a victim of cyberbullying is still a misery.

Last checked she was the people’s favorite but oh well there is no growth without criticism.

Tiktok queen Azziad Nasenya who rose to fame in 2020 for her impressive dancing skills in Femi one and Mejja’s hit Utawezana has also had to buckle up and be taken on a bumpy ride.

The internet sensation was first trolled on the claims of allegedly charging Femi one for making their song a hit.

She was then heavily criticized for allegedly rejecting a job offer at Wasafi TV based in Tanzania owned by African’s celebrated bongo star Diamond Platinumz on the ground that she cannot work with an artist who was a woman eater.

Azziad later on addressed the matter by denying the claims and putting her legal team to advise her on the matter.

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8. DJ Mo- A rough year for the gospel DJ it has been, DJ Mo and her wife singer Size 8 have been subject to trolls thanks to the expose by blogger Edgar Obare.

DJ Mo found himself in hot soup after a screenshot and pictures leaked of him allegedly having an affair with a Bahrainian woman, Margaret Wanyama.

9. Johnson Sakaja– the list may be longer than this but it is small enough to fit in the name of Nairobi Senator Sakaja.

The politician had been trending on twitter for a while after a video of himself leaked for drinking with friends in a bar in Kilimani past curfew hours.

He was heavily criticized for beating his chest on the issue and breaking all the rules as a leader. Sakaja was later on arrested and fined 15000

10. Betty Kyalo- A list without BK is an incomplete list.

Critics seem to love the sound of her name or rather be so interested in the former K24 news anchor’s life.

For the longest time Betty Kyalo has always been a victim of trolling.

This year she was just left with the alternative of laughing at her critics after she was trending for allegedly going on a trip with a governor whom she has been linked to be in a relationship with.

A lawmaker posted a picture with the governor in a private jet, Kenyans on Twitter took note of the famous brown handbag that they mistook to belong to Betty.

Critics even shared a picture of Betty Kyalo holding a similar brown handbag, however she stated that she had not flown out of the country.

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