Mwanaume ni investment! Check out photos of Luo singer Atommy Sifa’s mansion

Atommy Sifa

We have seen celebrities criticized heavily online among them musicians when they die especially if they leave nothing behind to be inherited.

Most spend their heydays performing in political rallies, public holidays and functions, private parties both locally and internationally, and get paid well.

But not all have the mindset to invest. Quite a number spend their money partying, living large and entertaining women/men only to end up solo once they become broke.

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Well, popular Luo Benga musician Atommy Sifa is a role model to his fellow artistes and he is building a multimillion retirement home.

Photos of the house which is located in Adiedo, Karachuonyo Constituency, Homabay County have surfaced online and it’s not clear whether it’s a resort or homestead.

Check out the photos

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Atommy Sifa sings in native Luo and Swahili and most of his songs are political and others about current affairs.

He’s famed for songs such as Ukimwi, Obama, Migingo, Awino Model, Bible love, Pole Baba and Achieng 2.

Fans of the singer have praised him for leading by an example and below are their reactions;

Makajully Atommy Sifa retirement benefit investment…. When u get to Adiedo Homa Bay bro is making a plan for his future. #reapect the OGS

Ywaya Achieng Pamela good job

Collins Nyandega Good work

Fred Mcmika Wonderful bro

Fredin Majunga Wonderful

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