Mwanaume ni jasho! The many hustles of Jaymoh Ule Msee before the fame

Wilson Muirani popularly known as Jaymoh Ule Msee is a man who has hustled his way up and turned dust to gold.

From becoming a manager at a bar as a university student to landing a job in a bank to working as a cashier these are just some of the few titles he has had while hustling in the city and upcountry,

All this was in the quest to make it and finally making his way as one of the most sought after content creators in the country who also doubles up as a radio presenter.

As Jaymoh celebrates his 35th birthday – the same day he quit his full-time job to focus on his journey of content creation – a risky move that finally paid off but fame did not come as easy as you may think.

The creative first uploaded a video which they had done with his friends that garnered 12 views with 9 views collected from people he had shared to.

The next video led to a celebration having reached 50 views which to him and his friends at the time was a massive improvement.

Wilson Muirani raised by a single mother found himself growing up in the rural areas of Gatundu, Kiambu county where he was taken cared of by his grandmother.

He, later on, moved back to the city due to his studies and had to move in with his mother in a single room in Park Road, Nairobi.

It was at this point that he enriched his hustling spirit by securing a job as a bar manager while still acting as a broker as a means of survival.

The next job he landed after clearing university where he pursued a bachelor’s degree of political science and economics came through thanks to his mother connections where he worked in a bank in Murarandia, Murang’a county.

While working in Murarandia, Jaymoh used to earn a salary of 35,000 per month but would reside in a house that cost him 700 Bob per month for him to enjoy the rest of his salary.

His urge to get back to the city grew every single day and he used his master’s degree application letter to get transferred back to Nairobi where he was switched to work as a cashier on the claims of continuing with his studies in the city.

The idea of coming with his content thrived and he decided to call it quits on his job to start a website with his friends which did tremendously.

You may think that that’s where the story ends when it comes to the hustles of Jaymoh but hold up, sit back, there is more.

For him speaking to Jalang’o on Bonga na Jalas on Youtube his breakthrough came in 2011 when the website was bought by Nation Media Group.


He used his smart skills to negotiate with the media house and land a job at the same time.

While working with NMG he hustled his way through thick and thin to land a job as a NMG product analyst (digital) then was promoted to senior product analyst on the second year and on the third year found himself working as a brand manager.

While working in NMG he came up with an idea of telling stories from a silly perspective to relate with people and gave birth to his life-changing Jaymoh Ule Msee hilarious videos that are posted on Facebook.

He currently doubles up as radio host thanks to his courage in approaching Media personality John Rabar who liked his content and decided to give him a spot on radio.

So there you go, now you know the many sides of Jaymoh Ule Msee before focusing on what we know him best which is content creation.

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