Nandi Madida Sings Her Father’s Praises In A Heartfelt Post

Nandi Madida Sings Her Father’s Praises In A Heartfelt Post. You know what they say about fathers and their daughters! From her latest Instagram, it is quite clear that, as someone who has achieved a lot herself, Nandi Madida draws inspiration from her father.

On this Thursday, Nandi pulled out a throwback picture of her father, when he was still working in San Francisco in the US as a radiologist back in the 90’s.

My father/ inspiration. This is a photo of when my dad worked in San Francisco 🇺🇸as a radiologist at the University of San Francisco in the 90’s,” Nandi said proudly.

According to Nandi, the picture has influenced her life and dreams in a big way. Her father has had so much impact on her career and she is grateful. Nandi has achieved a lot herself, as and award-winning singer, actress, fashion designer and entrepreneur among many things.

A black man from rural KZN (village)working around the globe as a doctor. I am eternally grateful for making it seem tangible,” Nandi said.

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