New era superstar! Meet Shanariha Evans, whose voice made Gramps Morgan take notice music

Coast has a new singing star, she is only 9 years old and making serious waves. Meet Shanariha Evans.

She started singing while she was 3 yrs old and has attended Music Festivals representing her school Loreto Mombasa even to National levels.

Currently she studies music at Coast Chorus Music Academy in Nyali, Mombasa.

She knows how to play the guitar and is learning the piano.

She has done a number of cover music, and just recently even got recorgnition from Gramps Morgan of the Morgan Heritage Family for singing his song “People Like You”.

Check out the cover she did.

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Shanariha has recorded her own original song called “Dream Big” produced by Shirko Media.

This song is all about encouraging both adults and children to follow their dreams and having self confidence.

The song has been recorded and will be released this month.

Check out some of her photos.

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