New rules in Eric Omondi’s marriage audition as The Band Beca and Shakilla participate

Eric Omondi

The race to bag Eric Omondi as a husband is getting hotter with every passing day.

The comedian had earlier announced that he is ready to settle down but will need the assistance of Kenyans on picking the right woman for him.

In fact the comedian has rested the fate of finding himself a life partner whom he is set to marry come December on 47 million Kenyans in the claims that it is impossible for such a large number to make a wrong pick.

Ladies and one gentleman have been busy sending videos as required for a contestant in order to win him over.

As the number of participants increases so does the rules change.

New and familiar faces such as the controversial 19 yr old socialite Shakilla and the girl group The Band Beca are among the new competitors but wait up there are a set of new additional rules to ensure fairness and the right woman is selected for the funny man.

Eric Omondi

With the growing number of participants comedian Eric Omondi has decided to add a set of new rules in the competition.

For the first ten finalists lucky enough to make the cut, the number will be trimmed down to five by a panel of judges consisting of a pastor, a marriage counselor and a reputable artist who is married giving an example of Nameless.

The panel of judges will then be tasked with further trimming the number to three finalists.

The three finalists will then be left in the hands of Kenyans who will make the pick on whom Eric Omondi will get to marry.

The game keeps getting interesting and the faces of new participants are introduced including the controversial socialite Shakilla.

Shakilla shared two videos to participate in the race. In the first video Shakilla has said that she has been waiting for her competitor but seen none yet.

For her she says her top qualities do not include cooking or cleaning like the other contestants but rather spreading good vibes and offering a variety of sexual styles in bed.

In her recent post she goes ahead to identify herself as Mrs Omondi and says she did not come to cook as she is concerned about her nails which are purposely meant for scratching the comedian during intimacy.

For her, she comes to offer her big and juicy behind which she claims to be irresistible for the comedian.

The girl group The Band Beca has also shared videos of themselves wanting to spice things up for the comedian.

The two girls have displayed their thighs and seductively peeling a ready to eat banana as part of the audition.

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