Nicknames of Kenyan politicians and how they acquired them – List

Being a Kenyan politician is a task only a few can manage. Many say it’s a dirty job only a few people can manage to stomach it.

We take a look at Kenyan politicians nicknames and how they acquired them.

Uhuru Kenyatta– Jayden, Kamwana

Kamwana in Kikuyu means young man, the name was given to him because at the time he was vying for presidency he was younger than his predecessors.

Jayden is his latest nickname given to him by netizens for his free mode approach to life among other things.


Raila Odinga– Baba, Joshua

Baba is the Swahili word for father. Raila Odinga is best known by his political followers as Baba because they follow in his footsteps.

Unlike now, back in the day whatever he said stuck.

The nickname Joshua came during the 2017 election when he promised that like the Joshua of the bible he would take his ‘people’ to the promised land.

A promise he failed to keep.

Raila Odinga


Ferdinard Waititu– Baba Yao

He acquired this name back in the day when he was an MP as he was always literally fighting for the rights of his people.

The name stuck and he chose to officially add it to his government name.

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Governor Sonko– Mr Money bags

The Nairobi Governor is always dishing out money. He is also always spending money on designer stuff and hence the tag Mr Money bags.

Pesa kwake sio shida.

When you are busy wondering where to get money for your next meal he is busy wondering where to spend the millions he has.


Sonko Saumu

Governor Waiguru– Minji Minji

The Kirinyaga governor acquired this name thanks to her youthful looks. She was a favorite of many before things started going south.

After tying the knot with her husband Kaimotho Waiganjo many don’t consider her Minji minji anymore.

Anne Waiguru and Kamotho
Anne Waiguru and Kamotho


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Governor Joho– Sultan

Joho is referred to as Sultan thanks to his penchant for dressing like a King in traditional attire.

James Mathenge– Kanini Kega

Kieni Member of Parliament James Mathenge opted to change his name after he lost a parliamentary seat twice.

Many of his constituents did not know his real name and identified him by his alias.

William Ruto – Hussein Machozi, Hustler

The deputy President is best known as Hussein Machozi thanks various episodes where he broke down in tears during public appearance.

He labels himself a hustler because he used to be a chicken farmer and a hustler before he became politically famous.

William Ruto with wife Rachel
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