‘Nilipata tuu na chali mwingine fala,’ Lady Bee describes her baby daddy

Gospel minister Bernice Nduku alias Lady Bee is a walking testimony

Speaking in an interview on Jessy Function, Lady Bee a mother of one, a beautiful girl touched on being a teenage mother and the struggles that ensued.

The artist had her only child when she was 16 years old and she says it has not been a walk in the park.

Lady Bee described her past life as a crook from a very tender age.

As a teenager,  Lady Bee was into exploring life and trying out things. For her, she was rarely found at home and bumped into a boy who was the first man she had ever been with.

The taste of the forbidden as a first timer bore fruits and she later on found out she was pregnant.

For Lady Bee she never realized she was pregnant and it was her mother who noticed the changes in her body.

When asked about the father of the child, Lady Bee says she and her partner were both stupid and naive and when two stupid people mingle they produce a stupid decisions.


In spite of having a baby as a teenager she adores her child and describes her as a gift.

Lady Bee also touched on the rebuke and isolation she got as a teenage mother.

As a young girl getting pregnant while still in school it was an embarrassment to the village and parents were out to ensure and protect their kids from interacting with her as they would copy bad behaviors from her.

So how did her parents take the news that she was pregnant?

For Lady Bee she praised her parents for being supportive in raising their grandchild, however, her mother was disappointed with her having not expected her to drop out of school because of pregnancy.

For her father he continuously encouraged her as once the deed is done it cannot be reversed.

For the artiste it has not been an easy journey raising the child as a young single mother, for her once the child grows so are the needs and the demands keep increasing such as education.

Lady Bee later on got into music under a popular Congolese band Bilenge Musiqa and later on started a solo career under Calif records alongside her cousin, genge star Nonini.

Thereafter she made headlines when she decided to ditch the secular world and join the gospel industry at the peak of her career.

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