‘No one ever visited me ….’ Baha’s sister-in-law exposes hypocrisy among ‘friends’ after sons death

No one came to see me when I was pregnant, when I had my baby no one came to see us. Now that he is gone everyone wants to come over.

Mungai Mbaya and girlfriend Aisha Mohamed
Image: Instagram

Aisha Mohammed, the girlfriend to content creator and upcoming musician, Mungai Mbaya, has exposed hypocrisy among friends days after her son’s death.

Aisha lost her son Lyric on June 28/2021.

Through her Insta stories, Aisha who is 19 said that people never visited her nor the baby when he was born, yet now that he is dead everyone wants to be associated with her.

Aisha Mohammed
Image: Instagram

Aisha also shared a photo of herself and her late son when he was two weeks old saying even then he was not doing well, thus she had to take him for a checkup.

Mo Aisha

The couple are young parents given Mungai is 22 and Aisha is aged 19. They have been living together for the last 2 years.

Speaking during a past interview the couple said the pregnancy was unplanned adding they decided to take responsibility for their actions by keeping the pregnancy.

Aisha is the sister-in-law to ex-Machachari actor Baha whose real name is Tyler Mbaya.

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