No Situation Is Permanent! Check Out Photos Of Stylish Pastor Robert Burale Before Fame And Money

Celebrated celebrity pastor and stylist Robert Burale is one of the most popular men of God in the city.

Burale, who is also an emcee, image consultant, motivational speaker, actor, PR & marketing strategist and the CEO of The RB (Readily Bold) Company christened the most handsome Kenyan pastor, is driving Kenyan women crazy and he is always the topic of discussion on various social media groups. Women are fighting over him and they all want to have a piece of him. But do you think Burale, who is a single father, ataingia box?

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Well, the man from Bukhalire recently left his followers surprised after he shared his old photos when he was still a small fish. His pictures clearly indicate that no situation is permanent and if you still think that with God nothing is possible, read your Bible and pray everyday and the Lord will shine upon your life.

Check out photos of Burale before he got popular


“About 5 years ago preaching at LANGATA HIGH SCHOOL..Faithful God,” he wrote accompanied by the photo below

Pastor Robert Burale


“And my hands grew”

Photos of Burale after fame and money














Pesa ni lotion!

Here are the reactions from Burale’s fans

Beauty: 5 years got significant change on you huh .. Burale

Julie: Huyu yesu ni mwema kweli

Tektotar: Your future was so bright you should have been wearing sunglasses.

Rhode: 😜Oh No coach, Did you say 5yrs ago? 😂😂

Cate:I was hoping you would say 10years ago… But our God is indeed faithful….

Jason:That’s a testimony

Carol:Hehehehehehhehehehehe. Our God is faithful! Mahali tulikotoka wengine wetu! It’s just by grace

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