Nomzamo Mbatha Celebrates Her Birthday With A New Outlook On Life

Nomzamo Mbatha Celebrates Her Birthday With A New Outlook On Life. It goes without saying that as we grow we start to look at things differently, and change our way of life here and there. On her birthday, Nomzamo Mbatha reflected on having to out grow how she used to do things, and appreciating some new ways of doing this life thing.

One of the things the celebrated media personality and actress is doing differently is how she celebrates her birthdays. Back in the day she honored her birthdays the traditional ways with loved ones singing for her, a cake with candle, the works.

I can’t tell you when last I had a birthday where there was a cake and candles on it, people singing and me closing my eyes to make a wish and blow out my candles. A simple act of a tradition. But what I have come to accept about my life is that the order of its happenings has always been unconventional. In every way,” she said.

But because of various life changes, that is no longer the case. Nomzamo’s life has taken a new turn and she has to adjust to a few things including special events like birthday celebration. “I was feeling nervous about this new turn, I felt ill prepared for it because I still have so many things I’m trying to grow out of and just wanting to show up as the best version of myself, for my Self, the People around me … and with the way things are going… to show up in the world unafraid of the trajectory of my life and the rooms I now sit in. As always, to do it scared anyway“, Nomzamo elaborated.

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