‘Not in this life!’ Women react to female masseuse giving their manz a massage

Days ago, Kiss FM co-host Jalango advised Kenyan women to let their men go to barbershops with female masseuses, but Nairobi women can’t seem to agree with him.

According to Jalas a massage by a female barber is something many men look forward to.

Below are reasons why Jalango feels that every woman should let their man visit a barbershop operated by female barbers.

  • Helps prevent migraines.
  • Boost memory.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Blood circulation.
  • Stress.
  • Hair growth.
  • Cure insomnia.
  • Helps prevent hair damage.

We posed a question to Nairobi women asking if they would wait and watch as their men are being massaged by another woman after a shave.

May responded saying they would NEVER. Yaani with a capital NEVER. Check out their responses below.


Fay Ceera:  What’s the big deal, it’s a healing touch not a love touch unless huyo massage therapist ako na intention zake za kumu arouse.
Wakimali Ngong: Guys be careful, open foods are always dangerous with un-curable diseases.
Sam Gloria: What is she massaging that I cannot massage.
Nyakerario Irene: Watin be this nah? Home wreckers look like this. Is it barber services she dey offer or she dey sell her body? Shame woman shaaaame. Decent men won’t look at this


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