Ntando Duma Addresses The Assumption That Sbahle Doesn’t Speak Vernacular

Ntando Duma Addresses The Assumption That Sbahle Doesn’t Speak Vernacular. She always shares the most amazing videos of her daughter Sbahle Mzizi.These videos always leave social media users impressed at how Ntando Duma is doing as a parent. But here and there, there will always be that one person or two, who has a problem with the content Ntando shares.

But we all know Ntando, when it comes to her daughter, she is very quick with clap backs if a person doesn’t come right. One Twitter user commented on the video where Sbahle was doing her inspirational affirmations, complaining that they haven’t heard Sbahle speaking in her mother tongue.

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“she’s da black beautiful smart ship, mara why haven’t i heard Sba talking her mother tongue dou,” the tweep said.

Ntando immediately explained that her daughter speaks five different South African languages. She also added that her daughter has started learning Portuguese thanks to her nanny.

“Awudingi but ke FYI she speaks five different SA languages and started learning Portuguese from her nanny.. does that make you happy Mr?”

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