Nyambane narrates how Caroline Mutuko’s beauty mesmerized him

The beauty of a woman can make a man lose his senses, at least even for a minute. We can’t hide the fact that women are gorgeous creatures worth the adoration and it is not something new to spot a man turning his head over a beautiful woman.

Famous comedian Nyambane was found guilty as charged when he first glanced at media personality Caroline Mutuko at a meeting they had in a hotel before embarking on his radio journey at Radio Africa’s Kiss Fm.

Nyambane Walter
Walter Monga’are alias Nyambane revealed on MC jessy’s Jessy Junction Youtube Channel about his first interaction with Caroline Mutoko and how her beauty knocked him off.

Walter Mong’are who first came into the limelight on the popular comedy show ‘Redykulas’ while still a student at Kenyatta University revealed that Radio Africa CEO Patrick Quarcoo popularly known as PQ approached him for a deal to work as a co-host on Kiss FM.

This deal excited the comedian who quickly hopped on although reluctant on his experience on radio. His specialised skill was from working on TV instead.

PQ reassured him on the role and called Caroline Mutuko with whom they were set to work together.

The first glance at Caroline Mutoko was breathtaking beauty for Walter Mong’are; the excited comedian was so thrilled with her beauty that couldn’t recall anything said during the conversation as his mind was far away in dreamland.

Walter Mongare
Walter Mongare and Linda Muthama

For Walter, Caroline Mutoko was perfection especially when she walked towards them and when she swayed her hair gracefully.

He was particularly excited to have the chance to work with her as he had heard of her on the radio while working at Capital FM as a presenter.

The thought of the beautiful media personality being in charge of handing Nyambane his monthly paycheck was satisfying enough.

That would mean a lot of chances to see her and adorn at her beauty.

Walter Mong'are
Walter Mong’are aka Nyambane

When Mc Jessy joked on why he didn’t ensure that Caroline Mutuko handed the paycheck to him at his house. He revealed that as a student of Kenyatta University, he resided in Kahawa Wendani which was not as fancy and better looking as now thanks to the construction of the Thika Super highway.

For him, the thought of the beauty visiting such a place which by then took him almost an hour to get to school alone would have been a picture he didn’t want to share with Caroline.

Nyambane, later on, signed the contract with Kiss FM to start working with Caroline Mutoko whom he has great admiration and respect for as a hardworking and highly organized person.

Nyambane is now the director of Youth Affairs, a position he was appointed by the President.

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