Octopizzo teams up with Suzanna Owiyo in breathtaking and symbolic new jam

After being accused of buying YouTube views, rapper Octopizzo shuts haters down with a new catchy song featuring the legendary Suzanna Owiyo called ‘Lela’.

Let’s face it, 2020 may have had an unexpected turn of events but Kenyan artistes have focused on gifting fans with the best of music and Octoppizzo is no exception with 4 songs up for the 63rd Grammy’s consideration.

Fans are impressed with Lela,  we will break it down for you on why there’s so much love for this new jam.

The first scene of the song begins with a shot of Octo’s daughter, Tracy,  alongside other girls and women.

The interesting thing about this particular shot is the different skin complexion of the women and religious differences as well.

From the scene there are two women who are Muslim based on the hijab wrapped on their heads, which symbolizes the religious differences that instead of bringing disunity showcases diversity among individuals and their beliefs.

Namba nane beibi! Octopizzo up for Grammys consideration

As much as Suzanna Owiyo is not present in the video, her presence is highly felt in the chorus of the song as she showcases her vocal prowess.

In the catchy chorus, there are two women performing a traditional dance by swaying their waist dressed in traditional dancing attire as another plays a traditional instrument.

Octopizzo talks about having acquired clean money and made a household name for himself through hard work.

The rapper who hails from Kibera describes Lela in two ways.

One being a Swahili word meaning black beauty.

There is sense to it as the video glorifies the African beauty of men and women of different skin complexion.

The second way Octopizzo describes Lela is being a French word meaning loyalty.

He further points out that through the song he tries to showcase the importance of cultural intelligence.

Through the song the rapper tries to help develop an in depth understanding of working styles in other cultures.

‘Usipost picha mbovu,’ Octopizzo warns King Kaka

Octopizzo is known to have really outstanding videos and on this one he did not disappoint.

He explains that the essence of a culturally intelligent workforce is to demonstrate better tolerance, trust and understanding among individuals in the global scene.

This is particularly impactful after the world witnessed a series of events particularly racial and religious discrimination that brought the whole world talking and public figures voicing their opinions on different take and diverseness among individuals.

Octopizzo sums it up by explaining that cultural differences becomes strength as it helps comes up with solutions to problems that bringing in obstacles.

With that being said, it is an educative song owing to the political temperature the country is in, with tribalism being a major issue slowing the country down.

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