Ogopa wanaume! Msizwa parties hard with other women while Esma fights for her life

Esma sick

The marriage between Diamond Platnumz’ sister Esma and her Msizwa is no more. The two parted ways barely six months after their mega wedding and Esma revealed one of the reasons their relationship didn’t work because he spends a lot of time on Instagram.

Well, the mother of two has been ill for the past few days and Msizwa hasn’t been there for her despite their differences.

A heartbreaking photo of Esma’s eldest daughter lying next to her on a hospital bed holding her hand while she got blood transfusions.

On the other hand, Msizwa, who is married to three women was busy partying with other women and in the video that has gone viral, he can be seen enjoying a dance from a petite-figured lady.

The video is said to have been taken over the weekend and taking to his Instagram, Msizwa shared a cryptic message, which read,


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